Papers & Talks

Recent Papers

Farzana Afroz, Matt Parry and David Fletcher. Estimating overdispersion in sparse multinomial data. Biometrics (2019) doi: 10.1111/biom.13194

David Fletcher, Peter Dillingham and Jiaxu Zeng. Model-averaged confidence distributions. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 26: 367–384 (2019)

Jiaxu Zeng, David Fletcher, Peter Dillingham and Chris Cornwall. Studentized bootstrap model-averaged tail area intervals. PLOS ONE 14: e0213715 (2019)

Peter Dillingham, Jeffrey Moore, David Fletcher, Enric Cortés, Alexandra Curtis, Kelsey James and Rebecca Lewison. Improved estimation of intrinsic growth rmax: integrating matrix models and allometry. Ecological Applications 26: 322–333 (2016)

Michael Schaub and David Fletcher. Estimating immigration using a Bayesian integrated population model: choice of parametrisation and priors. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 22:535–549 (2015)

Recent Talks

Confidence distributions. Massey University and Otago University, 2018
What is n? Otago University, 2017
Statistical guidelines for scientists. Otago University, 2015
Model averaging. Otago University, 2015
Model-averaged confidence intervals. Hong Kong Baptist University, 2013





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