Walking the Camino de Santiago
Karitane NZ, where I live and work


Over 25 years’ experience providing statistical advice to organisations such as the NZ Department of Conservation

Member of the Kia Mau Te Tītī Mo Ake Tōnu Atu (Keep the Tītī Forever) research team

Co-authored over 40 scientific reports

Taught many successful workshops for research scientists

Research and Teaching

BSc, MSc and PhD in Mathematics from the University of Southampton

Over 35 years’ experience working at Universities in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Published over 80 scientific papers in international journals

Supervised over 20 research students (MSc and PhD)

Recent Publications and Code

David Fletcher. Model Averaging. Springer, Berlin. 2018

1. Farzana Afroz, Matt Parry and David Fletcher. Estimating overdispersion in sparse multinomial data. Biometrics (2019) doi: 10.1111/biom.13194
2. David Fletcher, Peter Dillingham and Jiaxu Zeng. Model-averaged confidence distributions. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 26: 367–384 (2019)
3. Jiaxu Zeng, David Fletcher, Peter Dillingham and Chris Cornwall. Studentized bootstrap model-averaged tail area intervals. PLOS ONE 14: e0213715 (2019)

R Code for Model-Averaged Confidence Intervals
An R package for calculating model-averaged confidence intervals is available here. It is based on the work in Turek and Fletcher (2012), which can be found here.

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