Recent Papers

Farzana Afroz, Matt Parry and David Fletcher. Estimating overdispersion in sparse multinomial data. Biometrics 76: 834–842 (2020)

David Fletcher, Peter Dillingham and Jiaxu Zeng. Model-averaged confidence distributions. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 26: 367–384 (2019)

Jiaxu Zeng, David Fletcher, Peter Dillingham and Chris Cornwall. Studentized bootstrap model-averaged tail area intervals. PLOS ONE 14: e0213715 (2019)

Peter Dillingham, Jeffrey Moore, David Fletcher, Enric Cortés, Alexandra Curtis, Kelsey James and Rebecca Lewison. Improved estimation of intrinsic growth rmax: integrating matrix models and allometry. Ecological Applications 26: 322–333 (2016)

Michael Schaub and David Fletcher. Estimating immigration using a Bayesian integrated population model: choice of parametrisation and priors. Environmental and Ecological Statistics 22:535–549 (2015)

Recent Talks

Single-fit bootstrapping. Otago University, 2019
Confidence distributions
. Massey University and Otago University, 2018
What is n? Otago University, 2017
Statistical guidelines for scientists. Otago University, 2015
Model averaging. Otago University, 2015
Model-averaged confidence intervals. Hong Kong Baptist University, 2013


An R package for calculating model-averaged (MATA) confidence intervals, written by Daniel Turek, is available here. It is based on the work in Turek and Fletcher (2012), which can be found here.





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