Report on fisheries bycatch risk to marine mammals in New Zealand

My work on estimating maximum population growth rate for New Zealand marine mammal populations has recently been published as part of a report produced by Proteus Wildlife Research Consultants for the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. This report provides an assessment of the risk to marine mammal populations from fisheries in New Zealand waters,Continue reading “Report on fisheries bycatch risk to marine mammals in New Zealand”

Single-fit Bootstrapping paper

Tim Jowett and I have just published a paper on single-fit bootstrapping, which provides a simple means of calculating a confidence interval for a non-linear function of model parameters. The idea is not new, but we thought it should be more widely known, as it is simpler and more reliable than a Wald interval basedContinue reading “Single-fit Bootstrapping paper”

Modelling the population dynamics of tītī

I am part of a research group led by Phil Lyver at Manaaki Whenua (Landcare) that is working with the Rakiura Tītī Islands Administering Body on the population dynamics of tītī (sooty shearwater). Our most recent work has recently appeared in the following papers: David Fletcher, Jamie Newman, Sam McKechnie, Corey Bragg, Peter Dillingham, Rosemary Clucas, DarrenContinue reading “Modelling the population dynamics of tītī”

Power Analysis for a new Method of Trapping Mammalian Pests

I recently provided advice on the precision to be expected from a trial of a new method of luring mammalian pests (feral cats, possums, and stoats, for example), to be carried out in Hikaroroa Reserve, near Karitane, NZ. This work was carried out for Thomas Hayward of Mammalian Corrections Unit (Dunedin, NZ), and was valuableContinue reading “Power Analysis for a new Method of Trapping Mammalian Pests”

New Project with Manaaki Whenua (Landcare Research)

I am delighted to be part of the five-year research project “Te Weu o te Kaitiaki – Indigenous Regeneration Pathways” that has just been funded by the Aotearoa New Zealand government. The proposal for this research was co-led led by Phil Lyver and Johanna Yletyinen of Manaaki Whenua (Landcare Research). It will use te aoContinue reading “New Project with Manaaki Whenua (Landcare Research)”

Online Course on Model Averaging

There is now an online course to go with my book on model averaging. This course provides an up-to date overview of the topic, from both the Bayesian and frequentist perspective, including methods that are popular in machine learning, such as bagging and stacking. Recent developments, published since the book came out in 2018, are also covered, including confidenceContinue reading “Online Course on Model Averaging”